Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

I see: a computer screen
I need:more time
I find:people crave whatever they will never have
I want:to get away from it all
I have:my hopes and dreams
I love:life
I hate: people who hate and judge for no reason
I miss:being carefree
I fear:my mind and what it can or can't do for me
I feel:content
I hear:nothing really the hum of something
I smell:the hot summer air
I crave:happiness
I search: for something to make my life worthwhile
I wonder: why i'm taking this test
I regret:not always living for the moment

When was the last time you...
Smiled?: a few minutes ago
Laughed?: no more than 30min ago
Cried?:awhile i olny cry when theres something important to cry about
Bought something?:friday
Danced?:i don't know
Were sarcastic?: when am i ever not sarcastic
Kissed someone?:i dunno
Talked to an ex?:yesterday
Watched your favorite movie?:i haven't got one
Had a nightmare?: i don't remember my nightmares or dreams
A last time for everything...
Last movie you saw:chasing amy
Last song you heard:dashboard confessionals-age six racer
Last thing you had to drink:juice
Last time you showered:last night
Last thing you ate:an apple
Do you...
Smoke?: no
Do drugs?:at one point i did not anymore
Have sex?:no
Sleep with stuffed animals?: yes
Live in the moment?:I try too
Have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:not really theres a guy who lives 6 hours away and i wish we could be together like we have been but we can't so thats over and done with
Play an instrument?: i can play
Believe there is life on other planets?: yes
Remember your first love?:yes
Still love him/her?: i don't think if it's true love you can grow out of it
Read the newspaper?:every once and awhile
Have any gay or lesbian friends?:yes
Believe in miracles?:no we make our own miracles
Believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?:yes
Consider yourself tolerant of others?:i try to be i don't know if i am
Consider love a mistake?: occasionally because of the pain it can put you though
Like the taste of alcohol?:i do but i don't enjoy drinking it
Have a favorite candy?:no i like most candy
Believe in astrology?: bits of it
Believe in magic?: not really
Believe in God?: no, but im open to the fact that im wrong
Pray?: no
Go to church?:no
Have any secrets?: who doesnt
Have any pets: i have a cat who is my one and only true love
Do well in school?: sometimes ((sighs))
Go to or plan to go to college?: id like to
Have a major?: no
Talk to strangers who instant message you?:yes
Wear hats?:i used too
Have any piercings?:no
Have any tattoos?: No i want many
Hate yourself?: occasionally but who can say that they've never hated themself
Have an obsession?: a few
Have a secret crush?: yes but i dunno if its that much of a secret i hhaven't told anyone but people could figure out if they wanted too
Do they know yet?: mybye
Collect anything?: yes
Have a best friend?: yeah i guess i do i have a lot of good friends
Wish on stars?: yes
Like your handwriting?: no it's too messy
Have any bad habits?: yes but i like them they make me who i am
Care about looks?:not really looks matter but if you look good but don't like yourself it shows
Boy/girlfriend's looks?: not anymore, id love him no matter what he looked like
Believe in witches?: sure
Believe in Satan?: no
Believe in ghosts?:mybye it could be
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