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wow a journal, never kept one before i tried once but i think i wrote in it about 3 times i hope i make better use of this one. Well let's see what do i write about, what to say what to say. Well today was hell, like most. I guess the only thing i really don't like doing is going to class. I hate my teachers and I hate all the work i have to do. People i guess are alright most just piss me off but a lot are nice and i'd like to get to know a little better. Last night i was lying in bed and it was odd all i could think was how small i am in this huge world. How in like 500 years no ones going to know who the hell i am or what the hell i did. How worthless everyones life is. Nothing really counts the only way that you'll be remembered is if you do something like find a cure for cancer, and your never gonna do that;face it your life will account for nothing so stop trying. What does it matter if your a bum on the street or the richest person alive in 1000 years.
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