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well i didn't really write this weekend been keeping myself busy with stuff i guess. mybye just to lazy to update.ummm ice cream, i love it sooo much i'm eating some right now and i know its wrong cause i'm all like hurting a cow but without dairy food i guess i'd become really really sick, its really the only healthy thing i eat a lot of. Its nice out today warm but not to hot. My fingers been hurting me but not to much it'll be alright i hope. i always get these pains and than in a couple of days they'll go away so i don't really worry bout it.umm what is there to say i had a good day today i had fun it wasn't horrible i think it might be the weather everyone seems nicer. i dunno summers pretty soon can't wait cause than i hope everything will be better but today there is no reason to feel bad. I have homework but mybye i'll go in my backyard and do it outside it'll be nicer than doing it up in my room. well thats bout it
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