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It's amazing how slow a day can creep along so slowly.How every minute can fell like a hour. That's what it was like today. i haven't had a good day in weeks make that months since january. It seems like that was such a long time ago. Sure there have been good moments, fun times. Those are the times I wish could just go on. I want to live those moment over and over, not let them slip away. I'm sure I seem happy enuff but that's because i've learned that it pleases others when your happy. I was tried of people asking if everything was fine. I was doing my math homework and I got it for once that made my happy. I wish i could get it all the time. Somedays i wish i could go back to those days in january. I remember how good it felt to be away from everything normal and to be somewhere new. Where people didn't know me and I could do whatever i wanted. I wish i could get away and leave all the crap behind but some how it seems to follow. I guess are lives will never be truly happy. We will have happy times and they will come and go. The best we can do is try and live though the bad remembering the happy times and looking forward to the next ones.
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