Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

Let me break this down for you all
There are the Neo-hippies
The teenage yuppies
There is the Slackers
There are the Young Republicans
The Alternative kids
Lots of different labels
We are classified under one label that I disagree with
They label us Generation X and we take it in
Well I label us Generation Fucked
Because thats what we are
We have no fashion of our own
No music of our own
Both of which help define and mold generations
Our generation hasnt had to grow on its own
It has borrowed from every other generation
Most like to call it "retro"
I call it lack of individualism
When we are out there running the country we are going to be one thing
Why? Because we havent had to fight
Every other Generation has had to fight for something to make the strong
We just take the " fun " things from each of them and relax
In the 1910-20's it was a struggle just to survive
In the 30-40's they had WW II
In the 50's it was a fight for rock n' roll
In the 60-70's it was equal rights and peace
But here we are nothing
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