Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

in some senses i feel this tremendous relief. things are ok this way. they aren't wonderful. but i am getting by.

yesterday i was in this spec-fuckin-tacular mood. i don't know what happened to me. reality hit me like a metric ton. this really sucks. my mood swings are more and more extraordinary everyday. i have come to not expect anything any more. i used to go to bed thinking that i'd wake up all ok. *buzz* wrong.

so i walk around... slouched... and i mope. sometimes i put on the happy face. but if you were to look me in the eyes you'd know that it feels like my world is falling down around me one little brick at a time.

there are just moments when i want someone to take me into their arms and hold me for the rest of my life and every once and a while whisper into my ear that everything will be alright.
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