Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

I like the idea of us, the concept of two people
The feeling of a finger running down between my breasts tracing an imaginary line
the feel of your 2 day stubble across my nipple as you nibble
the sensation of another human
to know that you exist in that moment only for me and me only for you
that moment is the only time I truly know love
love for the ability to make me feel as if nothing else exists
a cocoon
hibernating from the real world
I want to trap that moment in a jar, like a firefly
to take out on a cold winters day
and feel your hand intertwined in mine ,
sweaty palms and painted nails dancing together
like that night we danced in the pouring rain
when your lips found mine for the first time
we were both drunk with wine and one another
I want to hold on for those moments forever
To make a college on my wall of feelings
to one day , with grey hair and bad eyes
look back and know that my life was a string of moments
moments where the world seemed infinite and I thought i was immortal
to know that there s something more because I found it in your eyes
to know that once I was loved and that I loved
and maybe you'll sit beside , and maybe you won't
but I had you for that shimmering moment
and thats what matters most
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