Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

An hour and a half and counting until my exam and i can't study anymore, my brain is full.
I'm looking forward to being home but not looking forward to what i have to face. I havn't really been talking to anyone from Thornhill in the last couple weeks since I've been busy here and i really can't make the effort. But I do know that their have been fights between some of my friends. I realyl don't know what went on but it seems that we're never going to go back to the summer where we could all just chill.

There are people I want to see but more people i havn't seen or talked to since the summer. I also want to see Chris because I havn't talked to him since he got kicked out of school and found out that his parents might be moving. Hopefully he can stay in toronto because i would really miss him if he moved away.
Theres just so much to do over the break and I know that I'm not going to do everything I want too.
Mostly I just want to have fun, I need to just forget about a lot of shit and just have fun.

I have also decided that my New Years Resolution is to be more open with people, tell people how I really feel and not put a wall up around myself. I find that i'm starting to be more that way. It feels good to say some things and not care what people are going to think let my emotions show for once. I mean i could care less what people in Thornhill think of me and people here i really don't care what they think of me. I have my friends here and at home and that's all I need.
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