Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

After tonight I will done exams.
That is going to be such a good feeling, except right after my exam my dad is coming to pick me up to take me home which means no partying for Danielle. Which also kinda sucks since thursday Justin is having a BBQ at our house and Jesse was going to be there. He has to be the cutest boy i have ever talked too. He is just beautiful, there's just something about his eyess. Too bad he has a girlfriend and is 6 years older than me. Adam also dropped out of school I really can't understand why, he needs about 6 credits before he's done but apparently he was making too much money at the Hard Rock too not drop out of school. It also sucks cause he won't be staying at my house anymore and bringing me food. But he did buy a car which means road trips. We are already planning to go to ottawa in Feb.

And Conan is coming to Toronto, me and my roommates are on a quest to get tickets no matter what it takes. He's been repeats a lot lately which sucks but i mean i need to see conan live.

This was such a pointless entry just wasting time before my frist of 2 exams today.
I can't believe that my last exam goes until 10 tonight. What a werid time for an exam. Fucking stupid UTM.

Oh and my brother got me the new Blink 182 album for Christmas. I got in shit last time i was home because their new video came on and i completely dissed the song. Later my mom was all pissed off at me cause it upset my brother. So she wants me when i get it to act like I like it and than return it. Fuck, people should know not to buy me CDs I don't ask for, their are plenty CDs that I want and would gladly except as a gift. The whole reason behind it was that i used to like blink 182, yeah like 2 years ago. I don't remember the last time I even mentioned them to my family. At least get a band that I have talked about, I even told them I wanted Joel Plaskett and Hot Hot Heat. Okay I'm done complaining about that.

Christmas is in a week and i still need to do my shopping, it's good i only have to buy like 4 gifts. I'm not really going to bother with friends, I'm making them all stuff. Which I should really start, I need to bind the journal at least i already made the cover and cut the paper for it , make more magnets, knit one more hat and make the guitar pick earrings. I think for Sarah I might just make another stencil and she can put it on a t-shirt. I already completely made her one t-shirt so i think this time the stencil is all she's going to get. I also might make one more record journal, but they take awhile to make since you have heat than cut the vinyl and than sand it down, and I don't have and records that i really want to cut up. The other ones a made were of records that i had doubles of.
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