Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

I made a mix tape last night, since i had been studying for a few hours and needed a break. And since I'm indie as fuck and need others to see that the bands that i like are better than the bands they like heres the track listing

les savy fav: :who rocks the party?
blood brothers: :fucking's greatest hits
the yeah yeah yeahs: :tick
minus the bear: :spritz! spritz!
the sounds: :hit me
the moving units: :x and y
liars: :grown men don't fall in the river, just like that
erase errata: :retreat the most familiar
neutral milk hotel: :holland, 1945
the faint: :worked up so sexual
paper lions: :city limits
black eyes: :some boys
the postal service: :such great heights
hot hot heat: :talk with me, dance with me
kaito: :try my out
q and not u: :so many animal calls
freezepop: :get ready 2 rokk
le tigre: :eau d'bedroom dancing
the shins: :kissing the lipless

I don't know if i'll keep said tape since it's not all music i can listen to all the time.I think I might give it to alison since she's cool and likes good music.

Exams suck big time can't wait to come home. Need to make a choice, if the day i come home i want to go see the postage stamps or go see lord of the rings. Now I can go see lord of the rings on the 17th but all my friends are going on the 18th. But i might just tell them to screw off and I'll go dance alone at lee's palece to the postage stamps. Again cause I'm indie as fuck.

I have to say my roommate is so sweet, last night he made pizza for himself and he left half of it without any meat for me. I mean it was really nice of him. I really like my roommates and it sucks that their both done school this year. I would love to live with them next year but I already know that Justin is moving out, and living with just Tom might be kinda odd, plus he's thinking of going to the states to do more schooling.

After my exam today i'm gonna go home(thornhill home) get drunk and sleep in tommorow until it's time for bowie. I really can't wait to see bowie. Plus it'll help me forget about the 2 exams I have on tuesday.

Oh and i missed BSS witch really sucks since Hayden was there but I had an essay due on the friday that i really had barely started. At least i went to rufus the night before. Even if I don't really like his new album, i still think he has one of the nicest voices in music today.

Oh and this girl Helene and I were talking yesterday and music came up and she told me I like boy music. I mean what the fuck is boy music. I listen to music I like, since when has the music you listen to been determined by your sex. So since I'm a girl i should like britney and christina. Fuck off

I think i used fuck way too many times in this entry but it doesn't matter since no one reads this journal.
I like that
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