Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

i'm setting my sights high this time. this time i'm going to succeed, you'll see. say your goodbyes and wave until you're out of sight. the tears drop from the cheeks of all who depart. i'm aiming for the goal, but what exactly is that? to become what i am and my future. it rests on this foundation. it's my life, my destiny. but it isn't free. i will earn what i am to become and to live off that foundation. this is the first day of the rest of my life. and i am not in it for a name or a title. i am learning to be myself and trusting in that. willing to work for that love, the music of my soul. i'm taking it all in and trying to give myself away at the same time. i try not to fall through the cracks but sometimes i slip. everyone does. it is all part of the process. of growing and learning. by learning, i'm growing. and i'm not about to throw it all away for the sake of being young and avoiding responsibility. and i won't turn my back on this. who would i be if i just ran away? i think i'd rather not say. i can't run away. i can't run away... but what if i fall?
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