Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

name four scents you love:
1. vinalla
2. lilacs
3. the ocean
4. yummy food cooking
name four things you'd never wear in public:
1. a lot of make up
2. saran wrap
3. fur
4. american eagle, gap- anything overpriced w/ a name on the front.
name four television shows you love:
1. gilmore girls
2. the simpsons
3. the wedge
4. I dunno i really don't watch a lot of TV
name four bands/groups most people don't know you like:
1. aqua
2. savage garden
3. abba
4. I dunno what else to put
name four drinks you regularly drink:
1. juice
2. ice cap
3. crystal light
4. I dunoo what else

03. how old do you look?: younger than i am
04. how old do you act? bah. depends whom you ask.
05. have you recently become a member of anything? not really
06. what did you do yesterday? went to the driving range than out for dinner and than came home and slept
07. who last called you? john
08. do you kiss with your eyes open or closed? closed mostly
09. what is the sexiest thing about the opposite sex? i dunno its a felling you get when your around someone i dont think its one thing that makes someone sexy
11. are you in love with anyone right now? love is a very strong word and no I'm not
12. have you ever said "i love you" and not meant it? joking yes really no
13. does anything on your body itch right now?: nope
14. what color is the carpet in your bedroom?: i have wood floors
15. have you ever had a member of the opposite sex in your room?: yeah
16. who is the sexiest (wo)man alive?: moby
17. if your house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would you save?nothing it all means nothing to me in the long run its just stuff
18. who was your first best friend?:amy
19. who is the next person you'll buy a birthday gift for?i dunno
20. what's your favourite number? 4
21. have you ever gotten detention, if so what for?: yeah for not doing homework
22. what is your fave place to go on vacation? i like too many palces to choose
23. have you ever given/received head?: What i'm not going to answer this
24. do you like playing truth or dare?: not much. i'm good with taking dares and questions, but i cannot dish them back out
25. how many times a week do you bathe? six or seven.
26. perfect wedding song?: i dunno
27. do you have a boy/girl friend?: nyeah
28. what is your deepest, darkest secret?: hmmmm…. Provided I had a deep dark secret, why would I tell it here?
29. funniest joke you ever heard? i dunno
30. saddest movie?: i dunno
31. last movie you saw in the theatre?:umm havn't seen one in awhile, wait no i saw mr deeds what a dumb movie stupid derek had to want to go see it and since he was driving he decided
32. when's the last time you rode a bike? few days ago
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