Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

yesterday was edgefest
meh it was alright, i wasn't expecting much at all.
I didn't see one entire set of any band on the main stage, which is kinda odd since every other time I've gone thats where I've been. I dunno it was cool really spending time at the other stages got to see grade, jersey, grindig, not by choice and billy talent who I all enjoy.

It seems that the only reason the last 2 years I've gone is because I go every year its tradition now. This was my 5th edgefest. I've seen it though great okay and bad years. Its no longer going to be in barrie next year and its not going to be the same if its anywhere else. I dunno if I'll go to edgefest again unless theres a really good line up. Its really not all that good of a show anymore. I did get to meet christins boyfriend Martin and hes such a cool guy,that was a plus since he came with me to see all the unknown little indie bands at the side stages since hes into them too and most other years if i wanted to go i had to drag someone.
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