Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

- smoke?: negative
- do drugs?: nope
- drink?: nope
- have sex?: no
- sleep with stuffed animals?:yes
- have a crush? as always yes
- have a boyfriend/girlfriend?:no
- have a dream that keeps coming back?: not really
- play an instrument?: i play on my steering wheel
- believe there is life on other planets?: possibly
- read the newspaper?: every once and awhile
- have any gay or lesbian friends?: yeah
- believe in miracles?:no
- believe it's possible to remain faithful forever?: yes
- consider yourself tolerant of others?: i suppose
- consider police a friend or foe?:depends on the cop
- like the taste of alcohol?:no
- have a favourite Stooge?: curly
- believe in magic?: nah
- pray?: no
- go to church?: no
- have any secrets?: too many
- have any pets?:kitty
- go to or plan to go to college?yeah
- have a degree?: haha no
- talk to strangers who instant message you?: yea
- wear hats?:no don't make a habit of it
- have any piercings?: none
- have any tattoos?: not YET
- hate yourself?: everyone hates themselves at somepoint
- have a "hot spot"?: what kind of question is this0
- wish on stars?: no but i love to look at them
- like your handwriting?: no its really messy
- have any bad habits?: yeah
- believe in ghosts?: no
- believe in the Easter Bunny?:I still get easter eggs every year but no i don't
- have a second family?: yeah
- trust others easily?: no i tend not to trust a lot of people at all
- like sarcasm?: oh no not at all
- take walks in the rain?: love it
- kiss with your eyes closed?: yep
- sing in the shower?: if theres music playing i know the words too yes
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