Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

so we got our mid-terms a couple days ago and i'm doing pretty good 84 average could be higher i guess but i'm happy with it. To my surprise science is my highest mark. I would really like To get my law mark up but that class is so boring that i really can not stand it. I dunno i think that all my classes bore me i have no will to learn anymore. Even in media a class i should enjoy i find my self bored and fed up with people in my class. I feel like this semester is undermining my intelligence. Last semester i had math, now i hate math i'm not interested in it and i feel that i'm never going to use it again in my life but at least it didn't bore me cause i knew i had to pay attention and pass but now i leave science everyday for at least 20min and i'm getting a 90 so why try at all. Next years going to be the same because the corses i'm taking are things i know and it kinda bugs me that there are no challenges nothing in my way. What i really hate is my parents last year I fail math and they don't really care this year i get an 87 and they tell me they want it to be higher.
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