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so today
i dunno kinda boring like every other day this week
why has my life become so repetitive, even when i do things I normally don't i feel as if I've done them over and over before. All my classes i feel so bored in I learn nothing, none of this information is new to me. Tonight was alright
i tried to see blade 2 but that didn't work out to well. I need a fake ID so badly right about now. So I end up coming home and watching movies which is always an okay time. My room is almost done which is good its pretty nice I like it alot better than what it was before. Still trying to get my parents to buy me a new CD player and a DVD player but thats not working out too well. I dunno i guess everythings okay getting good grades staying outta trouble but i dunno i feel like i have nothing to work for, nothing to do thats worthwhile.

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