Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

in some senses i feel this tremendous relief. things are ok this way. they aren't wonderful. but i am getting by.

today i was in this spec-fuckin-tacular mood.
I got woken up at 9 by my brother , looked out my window and saw snow.
Well i don't mind snow but not when i have to walk to school in it .
So anyways I stayed in bed for awhile and than walked to school, little did i know my boots would give me blisters.
I get to school and i go to pick some stuff up form my teachers, find out I did really bad on my math exam but at least I didn't fail math.
Walk back home again and sit around reading cause i don't feel like getting up cause the blisters on my feet are killing.
I also have this cough that i can't get rid of and my mom keeps blaming it on the fact that i don't eat meat so i don't get proper amounts of iron or some shit like that.
umm what a lovely day.
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