Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

i just got home

i guess it was an alright day
to many peoples birthdays

i got to go to another party next weekend too
i havn't had a birthday party in 3 or 4 years
i don't like them
i don't like people giving me gifts that a lot of the time don't even want
i don't want cake
i don't want any of it

meh i guess i'm in a better mood than yesterday
i'm still mad at bout 10 people and i hope that fades

i need to go shoping tommorow to get some stuff
but i don't want to go to a mall
i really don't like malls
i wanna go downtown

i don't have much homework
but my mom wants me to clean my room
i really should cause once its clean
i get to redo and i wanna redo it pretty badly
its all stars right now
but not nice pretty ones
all like rainbow and on a white background
I also want a place that i'll like to spend time
my room has everything i need
a computer, phone , Tv(i unhooked it though)
when i redo it i'm going try and convince my mom to buy me a DVD player to put in it
i think i'd spend a lot more time in it if there were
but i'd also watch movies all the time
and than i'd get nothing done

I really want a portable DVD player
i rented one for a train trip and i really liked it
i'm gonna get a job and save my money to buy one

sometimes hello can be so alone when your searching for something to say, you and i both know were
so afraid the buildings have fallen away,
i know that you like to think that is all
maybe their all just like you
maybe they'll tear me apart and I
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