Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

Moody, Confrontational, Angry, Satirical, Disturbing, Hallucinatory, Grim, Wry, Deadpan, Claustrophobic, Visceral, Dreamlike, Atmospheric,It's All In Your Head, Double Life, Dangerous Friends, Vigilantes,Split Personalities, Fighting the System, Neurotica,Forceful, Confrontational, Cathartic, Tense, Disturbing, Angry,Social Injustice, Race Relations, Going Straight, Sibling Relationships, Kids in Trouble,Ominous, Gloomy, Creepy, Horrific, Bleak, Menacing, Melancholy, Gritty, Disturbing, Cynical, Somber, Moody,Satirical, Stylized, Irreverent, Eerie, Whimsical, Rousing, Quirky, Enigmatic, Atmospheric

yeah i looked up my top there movies of all time on these movie site
it give me the tones of the movies

i think i need to like happier less horrific ,Disturbing or tense movies

i got an idea i'll go so glitter
yeah thats what i need to do
naw mariah careys acting will put me in an even worse mood
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