Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

today was a pretty bad day

i dunno a lot of things happened that just really pissed the hell outta me

its been along time coming i guess i just can't stand the people in my classes anymore or those who have my lunch or anyone for that matter

this past week i've heard people call people i know and i'm friendly with assholes, ugly, fat , mean , idoit and i try to stand up for people because what else can i do but its just really been pissing me off and today i just got so mad and sorta flipped and got really mad at everyone
i feel bad cause i may of got mad at people i shouldn't have

i also just wanted to be alone
just sit and think about things
but theres no where to go at school
everywhere i went someone was there and wanted to talk

also i got bitched at by about 20 people because of something i said it it really got on my nerves
i shared my opoinon and just got yelled at and ridiculed
last time i do that

from now on i just wanna be alone at school
but i don't think thats gonna happen

maybe i'll come home for lunch and just sit and play music
but its a long walk and thats not cool

man i feel so sick
my mom keeps telling me i look sick and i need to eat meat or i'm gonna get sicker
i disagree with her
i'm just sick i don't need meat

anyways gonna go cry cause i feel like crying and thats alright because i feel better after i cry
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