Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

I havent written in awhile

i dunno life is just so boring so uneventful that theres nothing to talk about

Well I guess some stuff has happened I phoned Kelly I hadnt talk to in around 2 months I realized talking to her that we no longer have anything to talk about. This is going to be her last year at school even though she should stay another year she has no goal in her life she wants to sit at home and do nothing. Well smoke weed I guess.

But before I talked to her I was talking to her brother for around an hour and have talked to him every day since that. Him and me have never been that close but I feel now like I could tell him anything. We never ran outta things to say. We don't have the views on things but that just makes it easier to talk to him. He's a smart guy and interesting. Hes older and wiser in college taking business planning after to go to university. We made plans to get together. Its good though I feel that one door is closing and another is opening. Kelly I feel I can no longer relate to or talk to but instead I can turn to her brother.

Also I friend who Ive known since I was 4 went to school with forever and me have become closer. We had sorta drifted apart because she spent all her time with he boyfriend. We've been talking more lately and getting back to being close friends.

I'm happy cause for a while I had no one to talk to but I feel if I work on these friendships and make them strong I will become stronger myself

Its good cause now my feelings aren't bottled up inside Im happier because of that

Theres some other stuff too but I don't know if Im ready to write it here
I know people that read this and I don't know if I want all of them to know this yet

Maybe in a few days or in awhile when Im sure about it Ill write about it
But its good news I can tell you that
Well maybe I don't know if Im ready for it
Well I tell you more about that later

Oh and Ive been playing guitar a lot more lately Im going to start taking lessons learn to really play
Help to vent feelings

Yeah well goodbye all
Thats it for now
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