Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

Ive realized that I push others away when they become close. I always used to let others know everything; I was very open and forward with people. Id tell people things, but every time I realized it ended in pain for me, I would be backstabbed and everything I said would be everywhere. So I stopped being so open and pushed anyone I got close to away. I always blamed it on others when a relationship didnt work out but now I realize that I was pushing people away and many good friendships have been lost. I wish I could go back in time and change things. A relationship I didnt want to end has ended and I wish I could go back now but I cant and all I can say is sorry too anyone I have hurt and hope that I can mend some broken relationships with people. I want to trust someone and be open and have someone to talk to about things. I want that and if it leads to more pain than so what life is nothing with out pain and pain is whatll help me learn. I hope that its not to late for me to change some of the mistakes Ive made but if it is Ive learned from them.
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