Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

i've been thinking over the past little while and i've realized i can't relay on others to make me happy ,I've always blamed my depression or sadness on others or other actions when i should be taking all or some of the blame

I think i need to get on with my life and forget about things in the past and not let them rule my life, I think lately i've been compareing a lot of stuff to past events and it doesn't help stuations at all if anything it makes them a lot worse

I can't say that my drifting away from friends is their fault when it comes down to it most of it has been my fault and my veiws that has pushed people away . I think i'm gonna try and open up to people and mnake closer friends.

anyways i don't know what else to say
other than at this moment i'm feeling better about my self and that i'm happier now that earlier
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