Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

i'm far away acroos the sea
bad times
welll alright times i guess
i got the weezer hashpipe single UK thingy so thats cool been searching to find more but can't
i was looking for t shirts too
found so many bands but not weezer

i saw a women being draged by a bus
now everytime i close my eyes i see her face and can't sleep i could write more bout this bout i'm rather lazy

my mom lost her purse
bye bye passport
so we all have to stay well she gets a newone
that means no side trips
means we stay in londin till tommorow when we go to paris

maybe i'lll like it better there

i hope

umm no clue what else to write

i miss people

i miss home

i miss my computer

well be home soon
so bye all for now
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