Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

1. I hurt: sometimes when things don't go the way i wanted or planed it hurts
2. I love: my family, my friends
3. I hate: feeling alone
4. I cry: not a lot when i'm really upset and sad
5. I fear: losing someone else that i love
6. I hope: that it will keep going the way it is now
7. I sadden: when i think of what i've lost
8. I feel alone: at night lying in bed
9. I kill: my past
10. I talk: to my imaginary friend
11. I listen: to people who say important things
12. I break: in two.
13. I see: a computer screen
14. I smell: me
15. I taste: nachos
16. I work: to succeed.
17. I remember: my childhood
18. I hold: all my memories
19. I hide: my true feelings
20. I pray: to no one
21. I walk: quickly over the rough bumps in my life.
22. I drive: myself crazy
23. I read: till i lose myself within the words
24. I burn: with lust for him (hehe)that sounds kinda funny
25. I breathe: air
26. I play: games
27. I miss: him
28. I touch: to feel
29: I learn: to love
30. I feel: alone
31. I know: that i'm happy
32. I said: what i say
33. I dream: because the only place i can be who i want to be
34. I have: faith
35. I want: him
36. I fall: deeper and deeper into it
37. I wait: for the end
38. I need: him
39. I live: for my friends and family
40. I die: inside.
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