Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

hey well haven't written in a bit
well jay leno had weezer on tonight
it was alright
they were there for one song but thats all jay leno has like anyone play
man when they were on conan it was better
i love conan hes just on too damn late
well hes on now and its cool
umm what else
i went to a friends house tonight
it was alright i hadn't seen her in awhile
and it was sorta uncool cause it was like her her boyfriend and another friend but their all so into drugs and i was sorta just like yeah alright and than they were making food and were all meaty and uncool for me but whatever its my choice to be the way i am not theirs and they should be able to do whatever they won't. Well the onlt thing that really bugs me is the drugthing cause that could cause some harm at somepoint to one of them. Like alright i don't mind people doing stuff but man moderation is a good thing . well umm what else
i dunno
tv makes good background noise yess
good night all
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