Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

~~~~~Finish the Following Sentences...~~~~~

*I Love to... listen to music
*I Miss... being 5
*I Wish... I could run away
*I Hope... everything will get better
*I Pray for... a life.
*I Want to Be... alone
*I Would Never...kill someone
*I'd Rather... have peace
*I Will Always be... odd
*I Am Tired... People judging me out of ignorance.

~~~~~When was the last time you~~~~~
*Cried? when my grandfather died
*Eaten pizza? a week ago
*Helped someone? yesterday
*Bought something? today
*Worn a skirt?yesterday
*Been sarcastic? How the fuck am I supposed to know..i'm sarcastic ALOT.
*Gone to the movies? tonight
*Felt stupid? I always feel stupid
*Watched your favorite movie? I have a favorite movie?
*Talked to your crush? what crush????
*Had a serious talk? 4 days ago
*Hugged someone? today
*Had a nightmare?I haven't had a nightmare in a while.*Knock on wood*
*Fought with your parent? Earlier today...the bitch wanted me to turn down my music and I wanted her to shut the fuck up so I could hear it.It pissed me off cause when I told her to shut up she went into her whole "Respect me" thing and it was like..FUCK OFF!I'm trying to hear!

~~~~~Last Things~~~~~

*Last book you read:?
*Last book you read by choice:?
*Last movie you saw:Bridget Jones's Diary
*Last movie you saw on the big screen? Bridget Jones's Diary
*Last Phone Number You Called: i dunno
*Last show you watched on TV:Loud
*Last song you heard:weezer-hashpipe
*Last thing you had to drink:mango juice
*Last words you said: i dunno
*Last thing you ate: Hmm...ohyeah.A salad.

~~~~~Have You Ever~~~~~
*Been in love: yes
*Stayed home on Saturday night: That's a stupid question.
*Thought you were going to die: yes
*Wanted to Run away: Yes,everyday I wonder why I haven't.
*Flunked a grade: no
*Skipped a grade: Fuck no.
*Hiked a mountain: Yeah,
*Eaten an entire box of Oreos: Back in the day,Oreos were bangin' but they have forever been tainted.I won't go into why.
*Been on stage: Yeah,I was scared as shit

~~~~~Friends Questions~~~~~

*Cutest smile: Uhm...
*Looks best with a buzzed head: Uhm...
*Cheeriest person: Uhm...
*Three traits you look for in a friend: Individual,Not Sane,Artistic
*Friend you have known longest:kelly
*Friend you miss the most:Graham
*Funniest: Uhm...
*Loudest: Uhm...
*Best Male Friend: Uhm...
*Best Female Friend: Uhm...
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