Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

i was at a fight club website wasteing some time
it was one of the better ones and it had homework assignments like in the movie
well i was reading some of them
and this is one of my favs

Go to your local home improvement store and buy five one-pound bags of rapid set cement. Mix the cement with the required amount of water and then fill up to 10 individual Ziploc bags with the mixture. Go to your local golf course at night and fill every golf hole you can with the stuff. I pefer to make little signs and set them in the cement before it drys saying, 'Asphalt for Assholes' or 'You are NOT Tiger Woods'. If your'e real balsy, do this on a Saturday afternoon

you are not the sports you play
you are not what you do on a saturday afternoon
you are not your damn golf clubs
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