Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

Age: 16
Birthdate: 4 - 4 - 85
Zodiac Sign: aries
Birthplace: northyork
Nickname:i got a lot
Screen Name:unluckycharms
Hair Color: red
Eye Color: blue
Height: around 5'9'
Tattoos: i wish
Braces: no
Freckles: yes.. soo many.. URRG. haha.
Wavy/Straight/Curly Hair: straight
Hair Length:shoulder length
Color of Nails:gun metel chrome
Do you bare down hard when you write: huh.. i press hard..
What is on your keychain:a key
Job: hahhahhahah... no job.
School: high school? i'm going in 11th.
Car:i don't got one
Do you have a Bi-Lo Bonus Card: i don't even know what that is
Have you ever worked for a resturaunt: no
Do you have a pencil blister: no
Do you have those little white marks under your nails: what
How many: zero
Did you used to say that was how many guys/girls liked you: huh
Do you have long/short nails:somewhere inbetween
What are you wearing right now: jeans and a t shrit
What time is it: i dont know.. 1:30 AM?
Date: july 7, 2001


color: orange .. blue
song: soo many..
number: 4
movie: i dont know.. i tend to like ones that kick ass though
actress: ? i dont know
actor: i dont know
singer:too many
group:weezer and dashboard confessional
radio station: i dont really listen to the radio.
TV station: tv pissing me off right now
Commercial: i dunno
Car: anything from the 50's
School: one that passes me
Saying: we reek of awesomeness
Quote:i like a lot of quotes
Time of day: night, sunset, dusk when the temp feels perfect
House: something simple that i can keep clean but be really nice at the same time
Subject:i like english
Teacher: i like a lot of teachers
Clothing Store: anythinggg that makes me look how i want to look
Feeling: love
Shoe:i dunno
Jewelry: i like bracelets ..and for me my star necklace.
State:i hate states
Place to Be:anywhere but here
Fruit: peaches ..MILLIONS OF PEACHES
Meat:i don't eat meat
Veggie:yummy veggies
Ice Cream:chocolate chip cookie dough
Potato Chip: yummy
Salad Dressing: ranch
Sause: huh
Fast Food Rest: i dont care.. i don't eat a lot of fast food
Dine In: i dunno
Gas Station: i don't need gas
Candy: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO UHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM laffy taffy , pez , milk duds, chocolate just candy in general
Bread:its bread
Grocery Store: i don't do the grocery shopping most of the time
Dog: i dunno i wish i had a dog
Animal: i like monkeys
Letter: o
Month: may
Season: spring
Country Song:i don't lisen to country
Rap Song: ummm
Alternative Song: well.. what exactly is ..uhm umhhmhhmmhhhh *head spins and blows up*
Oldie: yellow submarine?
Shape: circle
Sense: touch
Sport: ruby
Football Team: erm
Basketball Team: *whistles*
Bath & Body Works Scent: ooo. all.
Shampoo: bed head
Soap: b&bw stuff
Toothpaste: aquafresh ITS A MOUTHPASTE
Drink: green ice tea
Alcoholic Beverage: none
Talk Show Host:talk shows piss me off
Magazine: zines are cool, but i only have like 1 or 2 issues of most i have so.. yeah..
CD you own: i will always like weezers the blue album and weezers pinkerton oh and the green album by weezer
Do you have a lucky number:4 since i was born the forth day of the forth mounth at four o clock
Prized Possession:i don't really have one
Do you do drugs: no
Do you smoke: nope
Do you drink: no
Do you cuss: sometimes
Pet Peeves: computer illiterate ones peoplee .. uhm not really.. people that stink so bad that no one wants to be around them, and they KNOW that they are dirty.
Vices {things you love but know arent good for you}junk food
Worst Subject: math
What are your plans after school: move..more school.. fall in love.. be happy.. die.
Do you have a CD burner: yep
Who do you hate: a lot of people
Who hates you: people?
How many buddies are on your buddy list:i've never counted
How many are online right now: i dunno around 15
How do you know them:from places i've been and met people
What did you do yesterday: went to my friens house why do you care
What did you do today: sat on the computer for the 2 hours its been today
What are you doing tomorrow: going out with daniel i guess
What are you doing this weekend:that is tommorow
What did you do last weekend:i went to edgefest
What are you gonna do when this is over: go to sleep


Are you currently in love: i dont know
Have you ever been in love: ^^^
Define Love: id think.. a deep feeling inside of a person that spoke to them and told them that they would do anything for that person.. dieing for that person, anything.. any distance to see or hear from this person.. loves unstoppable there SOOOOOOOO much more but its one of those things you cant really talk about unless you learn it yourself i guess.

Your Crush:i think you can figure that out
First Boyfriend/Girlfriend: eck..this guy named josh
Is there anyone that you would date again: well.. i would go out with someone again that i never had the chance to? hah
Do you believe in love at first sight: i seriously dont know
What is the longest relationship you've been in: well i guess 6 mounths or around that
With who:this guy it doesn't matter it was in the past
List all the people that you have dated more than a month: like i said in the past who cares


camera: picture
stereo: music
peanut butter: jelly
sweet pea: cutey pie
nicole: kidman
chris: guy
jonathan: guy
alan: wrench
anthony: red hot chili peppers
chip: and dale
chad: 2gether
patrick: green
brad: guy
danny: danielle
pamela:anderson lee
jodie: foster
joey: nsync *gag*
julien: seven
jamie:a name
craig: weezer
jennifer:i dunno
kelly: ew
ricky: lake talk show
charles: a butler
heather: cousin
jerad: jared
tracey: trance
justin: hampster
nikki: waffles
issac: hanson *uhhH?*

the LAST

thing you ate: ice cream
thing you drank: milk
song you heard:top of the world
show you watched: 3rd rock fromthe sun
thing you said: goodnight
person you saw: my brother sleeping on the couch
person who called you:ummm i don't like the damn phone but i think it was amy
person you called: amy
person you hugged: my dad
person you kissed: daniel
person to ride in your car: i dont have a car
who's car you rode in: moms
told you they loved you: dad
movie you watched:clockwork orange
person you gave the finger: i don't make it a habit to give people the finger
person who gave you the fingeri forgot
person you missed: eh
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