Sarah (unluckycharms) wrote,

Tonight i went shopping. I always go shopping. I always end up buying things that i'm never going wear. Buying things i think will make me happy but never do. When will i learn that material things won't make me happy, only i have the power to make myself happy. I need someone to tell me i'm worth it. To hold me and tell me it's all okay. The person i want to do that lives so far away. I'll see them this summer but i know it would never work out he's way too far away from me for anything to ever happen. I think to myself he's only six hours, but thats too far to see each other enuff to have a good relationship.i wish he were here right now. I wish i could see him even just to say hi. Well thats that school sucks as it always does 8 weeks and it's over. Than it's summer i hope this summer i'll have fun be happy. Spring is here, i like spring maybye it will make me happier
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